In May 2016, I used what I had learned on my Bottle of Red podcast to launch a podcast at work. This started out as a series of roundtable discussions featuring various members of the GoodPractice team, but gradually evolved into a show with more of an outward focus: exploring the myriad of overlapping ideas that are the talk of the learning and development industry.

Our initial audience was small, with very little growth from episode to episode, but from January 2017 our download figures shot upwards. We’re not entirely sure why, but I think that it’s likely a combination of settling into a format, relaxing into our roles and demonstrating a commitment to a regular schedule.

By publishing an episode every Tuesday, we can become a part of each listener’s week, helping to establish a relationship between us and our audience. This regularity has also given us an opportunity to follow-up on topics and invite audience questions.

Why bother? It’s difficult to gauge the marketing impact of producing a podcast. It’s led to a few conversations with clients, but we never envisioned the show as a marketing tool and are certain that nobody wants to listen to a weekly sales pitch.

Instead, it’s been an opportunity for the team and I to share our passions. For me, personally, it’s a chance to speak to other people in the industry who are far more experienced than myself – to learn from them, and challenge some of the ideas that are taken for granted.

The podcast is available in the following locations:

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