All Is Well

‘This is where you’ll sit,’ said the Colonel, pulling a chair out for her. ‘Get used to it.’ She sat at the small desk, shifting uncomfortably on the hard wooden chair. She cradled her hands in her lap, examining the objects on the desk. A digital clock, a printed script, a red phone. ‘You know … Continue reading All Is Well



Hannah thinks I use my phone too much. For the first time since she left, I think she might be right. There’s a notification on my screen telling me that I used it for three hours yesterday.


Growing up, there was a burn that ran through our garden. It came through the park, under the road, then skirted a wall that ran the length of our property. This wall got shorter towards the foot of the garden until it levelled out at a stone patio. The day we moved in, my dad … Continue reading Caps